Thank You to Our Debut Supporters 💙

by Isabella Grandic

These people are the driving force behind Boob Blurb.

They are everything I want to be and more. They embody the message of Boob Blurb. Let me tell their stories.

Around this time last year an idea started boiling: a conversation starter for taboo women-centric topics. Periods. Sex. Love. Lust. Pregnancy. Boobs.

In May 2021, I launched a little website. A place where folks could download 27 “thought-provoking questions about female bodies.” And they did; hundreds did.

After this experiment I became inspired to build something physical: a toolkit for these empowering conversations. And in collaboration with Hailey Sani we did that. Boob Blurb.

After weeks of work we got our first prototype in August. Then a revised one in November.

Picture of Boob Blurb spread on a table

With a few last tweaks we ordered 1000 for mass production.

And along the way there were roadblocks, design adjustments, missing pieces, and a fire at our factory (yes... Boob Blurb was literally on 🔥). We’ve been set back weeks and months at a time, but now we are finally moving forward (and launching this month!).

Feb 2022 we got 50 Boob Blurb games (in perfect condition) shipped to NYC for some pre-launch business. Of the 50, 27 were for our PR packages, 4 were donations and 19 were purchased by my friends. I want to talk about those 19 friends and some other notable thank yous. ✨

📍 If you want to be part of the next batch to support Boob Blurb, you can pre-order at The game is $24.99 including shipping + taxes anywhere in the US. For a limited time when Canadians and Internationals buy 3 games ($24.99 ea) we will cover the $15 international shipping costs!

On to the early supporters: these are written in the order of Boob Blurb distribution.

Amelia Larson (SF, CA)

This summer I went on a 22 day hiking trip in Utah where I met Amelia. We became great friends as we lived in the remote wilderness.

Before even knowing Amelia, I already had plans to go to San Francisco after Utah. At the end of our trip, we regained access to our phones, and as I reconnected to the world for the first time in weeks I learned that all my housing plans in SF fell through. At this point, we were on a 4 hour car ride to a tiny airport in Colorado and I was a bit freaked out.

Amelia, sitting right behind me, immediately offered her home and her car to me; it was one of the kindest gestures I've received to date. In exchange, I asked how I could pay her back. All she said was Boob Blurb.

6 months later, the first thing I did when Boob Blurb “existed” was ship her one.

Amelia’s kindness and hospitality embody exactly what I want the Boob Blurb game to be about: welcoming people into important conversations.

Luke Piette (NY, NY)

Luke, a long-time friend from home (Toronto) let me stay at his new place in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. I was in NYC for a Boob Blurb photoshoot and trying to stretch my cash as far as possible. He, like Amelia, extended heart-warming hospitality and furthermore inspired me thoroughly during our time in New York. Luke’s following his heart with his life trajectory and it is truly admirable.

Particularly, living in Luke’s home, I got to see the way he fosters thoughtful community and connection with his friends (his housemates), one of whom is his business partner. In fact, Luke’s new job at a venture capital firm is community centric (reminder: he is only 19).

Luke bought the game because he believes in me and he believes in empowering women. Luke, I’ll always remember shaking your hand after we exchanged money for Boob Blurb. <3

Eric Frankel (Princeton, NJ)

Eric, another one of my friends from my hiking trip this summer, has been such a ray of sunlight in my life.

Firstly, in inspiring me to foster open, vulnerable environments (ignited after crying with him in a cave in the Moab Desert) and second, always being available to give me feedback. Eric, particularly, is a genius with language and has shaped my iteration process in developing Boob Blurb’s questions and improving our use of inclusive language. His enthusiasm for Boob Blurb has a special place in my heart, and his quickness to ask for a game while I was in NYC really warmed me up.

Eugenia Chow (Chapel Hill, NC)

Eugenia has been one of the most consistent and thoughtful of my friends at UNC. I adore her presence and her constant devotion to making the world a better place. She was the first person I texted about bringing games back to Chapel Hill, and she was the first to express interest in getting one.

Eugenia is thoughtful about the love she gives people and you know she’s genuine because she repeats her love in her actions. She’s consistent. I think this is a rare trait in the world today — a world of flakiness and overstimulation.

When I brought her the game, she was volunteering with an environmental organization. It was behind UNC’s Davis Library which has a garden. I thought this moment was monumental of who Eugenia is — constantly giving her time and effort to better the world. And there I was, giving her a conversation starter for women's issues, as she's bettering the environment. 

Becca Stern (Chapel Hill, NC)

Becca was the first person in university to truly make me feel cared for. I came to campus alone, fresh out of the woods (and a quick SF detour), with 1 suitcase of clothing. I didn’t have bed sheets, a pencil, or even shampoo. Within 2 minutes of meeting Becca she volunteered her mum to drive me to target to help me get my bare basics. She also walked with me to a local bargain market and helped me carry my bags home. I have felt such a net-force of kindness from Becca, especially from her enthusiasm to support Boob Blurb so early on! She has shared the game to others, like her incredible friend Jenna (who I also had the pleasure of meeting).

Becca — thank you for an exemplar for kindness and always shinning the light on what great friendship looks like!

Laurelle Maubert (Chapel Hill, NC)

Ever since meeting her last year (over zoom during our Morehead-Cain selections weekend) Laurelle has struck me as a bold, powerful and strong woman (in the best way possible). She leaves her positive mark wherever she goes. I'm inspired by both her articulation and her confidence

She was actually part of the first group to ever play the physical Boob Blurb game! When I texted her about some early ones being available she instantly showed her (powerful) interest. I am so excited that the game is in such assertive hands! 

Rotem Olsha (Chapel Hill, NC)

Rotem and I, by coincidence, signed up for the same safety training for our scholarship program. We were both there a little early when I had Boob Blurb out on the table. As Rotem walked in the room, saw me, then the game, before saying hi she asked how she could support.

Instantly and passionately. She really wanted to support the mission of the game. Everything about her approach was flooded with sincerity; Rotem’s most authentic self is being everyone’s ultimate cheerleader. I sold her a game right there. She was my fastest sale.

I felt very grateful for her example for two reasons. 1, for myself, her actions were inspiring and made me want to amp up my enthusiasm and support I show for other people. 2, it embodied a core value I hope Boob Blurb will: empowering other people.

Maya Groff (Chapel Hill, NC)

Maya has truly been the most consistently selfless and reliable friend I’ve made at uni. She’s driven me to the airport with last-minute scheduling, helped satisfy my specific desert desires during a very painful period in my life, taken our friends on a road trip to DC, and she never fails to make people feel at home in her presence.

Once I was in her apartment and she offered me water; but not just water. Water in a plastic or glass cup. This degree of customization, a small step in her eyes, made me feel so cared for. It’s always the extra mile with Maya. I think her consistent hospitality and care for other people is incredibly rare.

Sadie Cheston-Harris (Chapel Hill, NC)

Sadie is a person whose vibe is addictive to both observe and experience. Within a few minutes of talking to her, you can tell how brilliant she is.  Within those same minutes, you can also tell how enjoyable her company is. Hence, her superpower exists at a fusion of intelligence and great company. This combination reminds me of Boob Blurb: a game that simultaneously attempts to be enjoyable and educational.

I remember crossing the street wearing my ILY BABY sweater and seeing Sadie’s bright smile. She told me about how my pictures of Boob Blurb looked incredible. Both of us were in a rush, but I texted her after, and we arranged lunch together. I saved her a game, and she became my next customer. 

Spriha Manjigani (Durham, NC)

My friend Esha shared Boob Blurb with her friend Spriha who goes to school near Chapel Hill. Spriha venmoed me before we even arranged a way to meet.

A few Fridays later, I rented a zip car to bring the game to her. I met her in a café and was immediately in love with her boob earrings!!! They were glorious. I could tell that she was the type of person I would get along with so well; she was an immediate connection.

This concept of “instant clicking” with people often happens when I show strangers Boob Blurb. Depending on people’s reactions, if they genuinely love the questions in Boob Blurb, I know they’re my kinda folks. <3 Spriha is on this wavelength.

Frances Low (Toronto, ON)

Before going home for spring break, I texted some friends to see if they wanted to purchase Boob Blurb. Frances, my oldest and most supportive friend, responded rapidly. She transferred the money a week before I could even deliver the game to her. She was so quick to give me her vote of confidence.

This rapidity isn’t abnormal for Frances. When I first launched the Boob Blurb website, her excitement was phenomenal. She came over to my house shortly after, and we spent hours talking about Boob Blurb, our sex education and how our friendship has been a vital resource as we went through puberty.

I am so thankful to have Fran in my life for all these years, and I wouldn’t trade our friendship for the world. In many ways, the longevity and depth of our relationship are values I hope to propagate with Boob Blurb: a way for new and old friends to bond over shared, important experiences.

Often, tears come to mind when I think of us, Fran. I miss you <3

Nazra Noushad (Toronto, ON)

Snazzy Nazzy! The queen of community organization. There will never be enough words for paragraphs about Nazra. Still, to keep it pointed, she truly is the star of bringing people together. We have countless life memories that span continents; she is undoubtedly the spice of my life.

Nazra messaged me about Boob Blurb just before I came to Toronto, and my text response was: OMG, OF COURSE. I was (and am) SO PUMPED for her to have the game. I know she’ll plan so many things with it.

Not ironically, I brought her Boob Blurb at a rad event she organized in Downtown Toronto! (Directly across from the CN tower 🤩). Nazra, at her core, is a people fuser, and I, too, hope Boob Blurb can bring people together.

Eesha Ulhaq (Toronto, ON)

Back in 2020, Eesha and I took a spontaneous trip to Vegas together. We were 16. It was one of the best weeks of my life (and no, we didn’t spend any time on or near the strip, and yes, this was before COVID).

Our friendship is monumental for the talks we had on car rides in the middle of the desert or thriving on the phone chatting about taboo things, or escaping dangerous Airbnb together in Niagara Falls. I associate our friendship with vulnerable thrill, and my reminiscence of Eesha in my mind is so overwhelmingly positive.

Thus, when she responded to my Instagram story with such pride and excitement, I felt my heart fill up. It is such a nice feeling for someone you care about so much to reciprocate that care back.

Jen Brown (Toronto, ON)

Jen has been a north star for me for many years. I have admired both her career trajectory and how she connects with other people. Whether it was me and Jen in Copenhagen, Toronto or Lisbon, I always have felt so blessed to witness Jen in her element: connecting with people.

When I met her the other day in Bloor West Village to deliver Boob Blurb, she invited us to sit down and chat! I loved hearing about the new things (including baby #2!). As usual, I got utterly entrenched in our conversation (in a mesmerizing way). I saw her incredible new plans for her early childhood education business; she made me feel empowered by her leadership in business. Jen, thank you for supporting the game and being such an important role model for me.

Laura Whitney Sniderman (Toronto, ON)

Laura is a badass entrepreneur and founder of Kinnd. From our walks across High Park, I have gotten a pleasureful taste of her journey behind the scenes at Kinnd. My conversations with Laura are imaginative, creative and always actionable. The gift of her time has been extraordinary; I always leave feeling understood and nurtured.

Laura was very much part of Boob Blurb’s inception, inspiring me to focus on a conversation starter. Her friendship shaped Boob Blurb and its values, and I felt very proud to deliver a vision we’ve discussed into her hands.

Nina A (Toronto, ON)

Less than 24h after giving Laura the game, she played with Nina, and Nina reached out to me to see if she could get one too! I only had one unallocated game left, so, of course, I reserved it for her. I drove to her home to personally deliver it and told her a little more about how Boob Blurb began. She smiled so radiantly as I shared my story; it was such a warm feeling to feel heard and respected.

More so, Nina serves as an example of amazing people this game has brought me to. I hope it gets people moments of joy like Nina brought me.

Roberta Seyffert (Toronto, ON)

Roberta and I worked together at TKS, and I remember countless tangents we would have together talking about important sh*t. She would fire me up, amp up my enthusiasm, and we would have grand times chatting.

I remember one conversation especially. She shared some of her private experiences in women’s health and relationships, and I felt like I was talking to the sister-I-never-had. This was two years ago, and I am confident that some of those first conversations I had with Roberta kicked me into this journey of empowering future taboo discussions.

(Topics like: PCOS, Consent, Self-Worth, Diet, etc -- ALL SO IMPORTANT!)

Navid Nathoo (Toronto, ON)

Navid has been my longest mentor, first as my director at TKS then as my boss when I joined TKS as an employee. He’s seen me through all my curiosity phases and all the work, energy and effort I have put into women’s health these last few years. We planned our first dinner in months and caught up properly (at Nandos, of course). After our conversation, Navid asked where he could get Boob Blurb, and I sold him one. I felt so grateful for such continual support all these years.

Cassia Attard (Montreal, QB)

Finally, CASSIA! Cassia has been a long-time champion of women’s health, especially cheering me on as I started immersing myself in the space. She was part of an product experiment I designed in 2020 — a hormone-positive women’s health discussion group. I sent them boxes of women’s health nik-naks (the book ‘in the flo,’ ovulation strips, menstrual cups, customized bodily self-awareness notebooks, etc.), and we would have zoom calls every few weeks. These calls were the turning point in realizing that I wanted to create more conversation spaces.

And Cassia, in particular, has shared many personal and vulnerable stories with me, stories that inspire me every day to fix inequality in the world.

I am so glad I got to protect a game for you, Cass, in this batch. So excited for our weekly virtual workout this week <3

Some other very important thank yous.

Obviously, Hailey Sani - partner in crime, co-creator, and another badass woman trying to change the world ❤️ I am so grateful to be on this journey together.

Elizah Liberty Van Lokeren - thank you for your inspirational photography work. You are shaping the very seeds of Boob Blurb’s image.

Hayley Caddes - thank you for meeting with me in NYC, sharing your story years ago, and being the most badass female founder out there. A few sentences won’t ever do you, your impact on me, or your work justice. I am saving my words for a larger article about you + Chill Pill.

Nil Sani - thank you for your valuable time, presense and modelling in New York! Our photos are dreamy and I am so happy we got to bounce around our answers to Boob Blurb at that chocolate cafe ;) (can’t wait for a bigger game).

Rory Swenson - my most reliable resource to bounce ideas off of, and my ultimate cheerleader! 

Gina, Nil, Isabella and Hayley playing Boob Blurb!

That’s a wrap of our first batch of supporters! Head to to get your game <3