We Built Boob Blurb.

Isabella Grandic (she/her) 🌞 bella@boobblurb.com / @izzygrandic / isabellagrandic.com  

When I was 16 I took a gap year to work as a program success manager at an innovative education company (The Knowledge Society). Partially because I wanted to re-define education and partially because I like taking the unexpected path in life. I spent 2 years improving our program, and expanding it from Toronto to 7 in-person programs and a global, virtual one. During my spare time, I built an intervention to reduce maternal mortality in Nigeria with the government and FAYOHI (a non-profit in Jigawa). I also built a women's health evaluation framework for the British Standards Institute (BSI) and been a speaker at 30+ events to over 50,000 people. 

Boob Blurb is my baby from all that; a toolkit for the intersection of women's health and education. 

Hailey Sani (she/her) 💓  hailey@boobblurb.com / @haileysani / youtube.com/haileysani

Growing up, I switched schools over 15 times and could never find the supportive circle of female friends I needed. I was born in Turkey into a culture that didn’t allow for open conversation around puberty, sexuality, and mental health; I internalized these topics as taboo. My longing for a community manifested itself as my first YouTube video, which in a few years spiraled into an online community of over 1,000,000 people.

I started my “TMI Girl Talk” series: answering provocative questions sent in by my viewers. One of my most fulfilling projects was hosting a series with the American Association of Pediatrics, sponsored by YouTube, where I interviewed doctors and activists on the topics of consent, safety, and sexual rights.