Purpose & Intentions


We want to remodel sex education and help people cultivate bodily self-awareness. We are starting with Boob Blurb as a toolkit for open-discussions on stigmatized topics. But, we know, there is a lot of reform necessary and ahead. 


✨ Vulnerability: your vulnerability is inspiring. Your stories can give someone strength to act to better their life. Please share as much as you can.

🌈 Inclusivity: diverse perspectives are amazing. We respect, appreciate and welcome people from all walks of life.

☺️ All-Ears: listening is the most important asset in a good conversation.

🪴Curiosity: we believe that conversations can spark curiosity and that you should follow it! Women’s health, reproductive health, sexuality, gender, happiness, health, mindfulness, and so forth are important, but HUGE topics. They are vast! Leverage your curiosity to constantly learn, research and expand your knowledge.

🦄 Space: lead and plan spaces for discussion. We can only break taboos and rewrite social narratives if people lead the way. Create experiences for other people to share their knowledge and for others to learn. Create space for change. 


The Boob Blurb Game “Where Nothing is TMI” covers a breadth of topics. We have cards that target female-born people or woman-identifying people or sexually-active individuals and so forth. We do not intend for each and every card to be relatable, but for the entire game to be. There are cards and topics for everyone. Holistically, the game targets to be inclusive. 

We believe that there are many important subjects that only affect segments of populations. Our cards target many of these important subjects. So while you won’t be able to answer every single card from personal experience, we hope that you can reflect on other people’s experiences, use it as an opportunity to listen or a spark for further research.

Future Development and Increasing Accessibility

Boob Blurb is still in its infancy. We are looking to expand our product to be more accessible, including:

*Language translation

*Cards for visually impaired or blind people

*Increasing the breadth of the cards

*Building educational materials (comprehensive books and media resources) to create equitable knowledge foundations

*Creating programs to increase financial accessibility for our tools

Thank You

Supporting this product gives us your vote of confidence to continue building better sex ed.